Tuesday, July 31, 2007

where do you eat?

(Seriously) Where do you eat?

I eat out frequently and lately seem to be going to the same places without thinking about it much. I'd like to find something new (but good). So - what restaurants do you like?

I guess this is really only relevant to Atlanta area readers. Prefererably, recommendations would be inside the Perimeter or maybe in the area just OTP around Perimeter mall - near my office. No other restrictions or qualifications. Cheap, expensive or moderately priced is fine - just trying to change things up a little.

If I get a pretty good list, I'll post it here.

- taz

two cool songs:

Almost Cut My Hair - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Coast to Coast - Elliott Smith

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Book swap

I've accumulated a few books that I'd like to move out. Rather than throwing them away (or donating to my local library - which seems to be focused more on baby sitting than providing literature) I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in swapping. I figure it's a good way to score some new books cheaply since my local library doesn't seem interested. Don't get me wrong - I like and support (good) libraries and bookstores. But since Barnes & Noble and Borders have driven out my local favorites, I don't feel too guilty about trying to save a little money. Besides, reuse is a good thing, right?

I'd like to swap one/one, or two paperback for one hardcover. Most of these are fairly recent and all are in good condition (read once and shelved). For this to work, we would probably need to have similar tastes. Or maybe not... who knows? Anyway my current interests seem to run toward travel narrative and living abroad type stories, usually humorous but not necessarily. Also like *good* current fiction and classics although I don't have any to trade at the moment.

So with that said, here's my list. I'll update to show what's been claimed (if this actually works).

If you see something you like and would like to swap, drop me a line (taztaylor@gmail.com) or leave a comment.

Peter Mayle:
A Year in Provence
Tourjours Provence
Encore Provence
*A Good Year
French Lessons
Acquired Tastes
Anything Considered
Chasing Cezanne
A Dog's Life

Stephen Clarke:
*A Year in the Merde
*In the Merde for Love
*Talk to the Snail

Bill Bryson:
*A Walk in the Woods
*In a Sunburned Country
I'm a Stranger Here Myself
Neither Here Nor There
The Lost Continent

Tim Moore
*French Revolutions
Frost on My Moustache
*Travels with My Donkey

Kurt Vonnegut:
*Hocus Pocus
*A Man Without a Country

France and French Life/Culture:

An Englishman in Paris - Michael Sadler
An Englishman a la Campagne - Michael Sadler
Paris to the Moon - Adam Gopnik
The Magic of Provence - Yvone Lenard
A Walk Across France - Miles Morland
Paris in the Fifties - Stanley Karnow
A French Affair - Mary Blume
On Rue Tatin - Susan Herrmann Loomis
Spotted in France - Gregory Edmont
Almost French - Sarah Turnbull
We'll Always Have Paris - John Baxter
Paris and Elsewhere - Julian Barnes
Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong - Jean Benoit Nadeau


*Japanland (A Year in Search of Wa) - Karin Muller
*Wrong About Japan - Peter Carey
Lost Japan - Alex Kerr
Learning to Bow - Bruce Feiler

Other Travel/Living Abroad:

A Vroom with a View
That Fine Italian Hand - Paul Hoffman
Whiteout (Lost in Aspen) - Ted Conover
How Not to Live Abroad - Shaun Briley
A Trip to the Beach - Melinda and Robert Blanchard
Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals -

To Have and Have Not - Ernest Hemmingway

Starship Titanic - Douglas Adams/Terry Jones
Last Chance to See - Douglas Adams

*The Pleasure of My Company - Steve Martin
*Shopgirl - Steve Martin

Books with an * asterisk are hard cover. All others are trade paperbacks (not mass market paperbacks).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

tour de france

what's left to say?

- taz

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Certified Spam Free

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whew! glad they got that settled

- taz

Rude boy

Nobody has said anything about me misspelling Desmond DEKKER's name. Guess y'all really don't care .

For penance (and because it's about the greatest freaking reggae/ska/rocksteady album ever), I'm gonna listen to this
at least 3 times tonight. You should do the same. Or at least Pressure Drop and 007 Shanty Town.

- taz

Saturday, July 21, 2007

does this look like a spam blog?

Is anybody out there? Probably not... no bike pictures recently.

And what the hell is up with Google locking me out for suspicion of spamblogging. What is spamblogging anyway?

whatever... Here's some (definitely cool) songs floating through my head and across my ipod lately

Israelites - Desmond Decker

Moon over Marin - Dead Kennedys

Gideon - My Morning Jacket

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane

Too tired to do anything interesting lately, much less write about it. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. No bike, no nothing. I'll try to make at least a feeble attempt at posting next week.


Monday, July 16, 2007

blatant ripoff

A typical afternoon in place Paoli, L'Ile Rousse, La Corse

(In homage to Tarik's 'The French do everything more stylish than you')

Photo credit to Stacy - who has a much better eye than I do.

Friday, July 13, 2007

chronic town

stuck in some kind of 80's CMJ musical time warp lately...

cool song: Blue Line - Let's Active

Mitch Easter has a new album - yeah I still call them albums. If that name rings a bell, maybe you should try and find a copy and give it a spin.

taz - athens, ga. class of 80something

some stuff to read...

and other miscellaneous junk...

Stumbled across this blog the other day - bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com. Fun stuff in a cynical, mean-spirited way. Which is, of course, my favorite way. But only if I agree with you.

If you ride a bike, you gotta read this:

This guy must be reading my mind. I try to be one of those 'anybody on a bike is a good thing' people, but sometimes you see something that makes you go 'what the hell are they thinking?'

If you read this and laugh, you get it. If you read it and get pissed off/insulted/pout, take a look in the mirror. A little tough love can be a good thing. Note to BikeSnob: don't apologize, you know you're right. And yeah, I'm guilty of #6 - I've posted pictures of my bikes, but I'm not intimidated by my bikes... (really... No, really. I'm not - c'mon - okay, maybe just a little.)

By the way... if you haven't noticed by now, I way overuse the ellipsis. You know, that three period punctuation symbol to indicate a pause or incomplete thought ... see - that one. I have a lot of incomplete thoughts. You're probably thinking 'he uses too many hyphens and parentheses too'. Well, don't expect that to change anytime soon. If it bothers you, send a note to BikeSnobNYC. I'm sure he'll give you something else to worry about.

While I'm rambling, I should point out another bloggish type useful service. JimG has a website that aggregates interesting cycling blogs, whatever that means. (no, don't explain - I know what it means). Look for it at yojimG.net Most of my page views have come from a link on his page (all 5 of them). Yo! JimG, when's that Bontrager Registry gonna happen?

Hmm, I think I've got a seventh sign for the BikeSnob: obsessively searching the web for esoteric bike info instead of actually riding your (my) bike.

If you're still with me this far - go read Tarik's blog. He's got some pictures of a Corsican fish dominatrix. I go to Corsica and get a picture of a train, Tarik goes and gets piscine scented rubber fetishists. I had a chance to snap a picture of a fisherman that looked like Roger Daltry, but I blew it - dead camera batteries.

Anyway, here's my picture of the L'Ile Rousse-Calvi express:
Yes, I actually took a round trip on this - twice.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

a few more Cirque photos

More bikes this time...

Rene Herse

An interesting early(ish) Bontrager cyclocross.

very blue J.P. Weigle

Alex Singer

another Singer

the guy on the right had some cool t-shirts and socks for sale

- taz

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Enjoy and have a safe holiday.

- taz

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

no roof rack needed

How do YOU carry your bike to the track?

cool song: Can't find my way home - Swans

Monday, July 2, 2007

cool song: This is the Day - The The

I don't care if it's in the M&M commercial, it's still cool. But if that spoils it for you, check out Uncertain Smile from the same album or Dogs of Lust from 'Dusk'.

I kinda dropped the ball on the Squeeze song - I don't really like 'Cool for Cats'. A Squeeze song that I actually think is worthy - Pulling Mussels (from the Shell).

- taz

Sunday, July 1, 2007

a few random Cirque photos

Better late than never - here's a few random photos from this year's Cirque du Cyclisme that I found interesting. I never seem to have taken as many photos as I thought I had. Gotta get away from that film mindset and just snap away and cull later.

Masi Special track (60's?)

Peter Weigle points out the mistakes in Roman Stankus' new frame. (Just kidding, Roman!)

Mike Barry and Joe Bell - Joe demonstrating excellent musical and sartorial taste.

Old guard and the new. Dave Moulton and Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles discuss the weather.

Bet you don't see one of these on your next group ride.

Be sure to take a look at Sacha's, Mike Barry's and Dave Moulton's websites for more examples of their superlative work.




I have a few more photos (bikes and people) so drop me a line if you'd like to see more.

- taz