Friday, June 27, 2008

yellow richard sachs

yellow richard sachs - campy record/chorus 9 mix

My daily rider - not the best looking Sachs but nothing that a Campy ti seatpost, new saddle and white tape couldn't fix.

white richard sachs

White Sachs with Campagnolo Record/Chorus mix and Mavic Classic SSCs

chris kvale

Chris Kvale, Ultegra kit, Mavic Heliums

Saturday, June 14, 2008

cirque '08

Attended Cirque again last week. This year was the big move to Leesburg, VA. Flew in this year instead of driving so I didn't have a bike with me or parts for the swap (made packing a lot easier though). Took fewer pictures as well. Big thank you to J.Barry for letting me borrow a bike for the Saturday ride...

So here are the pics I managed to take...

Click on the little pic to get a BIG one

Pretty 80s'ish Richard Sachs. Don't understand the rack though. A rear rack on a Sachs is kind of like a roof rack on a Ferrari. Updated with new Campy go fast stuff too.(?) Put some black tires and white saddle/tape on this and it would be stunning. (Yeah, I know my yellow bike above could benefit from the same help)

Another amazing JP Weigle - similar but not the same as the NAHBS one

Modern interpretation of a Rene Herse racer. Nicely done and even better up close. Still rather see this with Mark Nobilette's name...

Another Weigle, with a few miles on it. I think this one is for sale (maybe?) check the CR list archive for details. Mariposa lurking in the background.

Dave Wages, formerly of Waterford Cycles, showed a couple of clean fixed gears. Behind it, a Sachs cross.

Yet another Weigle randonneur.

Johnny Coast (nice guy too!)

Peter Gilbert's Bruce Gordon. I want this bike.

Pre-"Fat City" Chris Chance. Don't see these too often. (Although if you would like to own one in a 55cm, drop me a line. I might be able to hook you up.)

'82 Sachs

Peter Gilbert's new acquisition. Photo blurred to protect the builder. Actually, another 80s Sachs with a questionable repaint. I think Peter's considering a second repaint in a white/red panel look. I concur.

Bilenky portuer - impressive but next year I wanna see some type of refrigeration.