Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what's new

I haven't blogged anything in a very long time, but since I've gotten a few emails and questions about 'for sale' bikes here's an update.

The red/yellow Fuso is sold. The red Sachs without decals is sold. The Dave Tesch is sold.

The red 54 Sachs with decals - it was for sale but had little interest. I think the dent scared most people away. Now it's at Bilienky Cycle Works to have S&S couplers installed and the dent removed along with a theadless steerer and some paint touch up. Haven't decided if I'll sell it after the work's completed.

The silver Bontrager CX is still for sale SOLD- $325 plus shipping and I probably have some parts I can add in.

Bruce Gordon Chinook 56cm is for sale SOLD. $325 with Look Carbon fork, $425 with Curt Goodrich fork.

The Chris Kvale frame and fork is for sale SOLD. Pictures are in earlier posts but this is the first time (and place) I've listed it as for sale.
56cm - email me to discuss if interested.

If you have interest in mtbs, I have a Bontrager Racelite with original Bontrager fork crown on Judy fork *and* an Ibis Mojo. I haven't given these a lot of thought but I'll probably be selling at least one. The Ibis has ***never been ridden***. It's basically brand new with new parts except for the fork and the brake levers.

So that's what's going on here... trying to ride more and accumulate less. Still got a ways to go on both fronts.

For those of you that have checked the blog from time to time, sorry about the neglect. Don't know if I'll be any better in the near future - we'll see.

thanks for reading
- taz