Saturday, August 25, 2007

recent bike rides

The heat in Atlanta lately has kept my riding to a minimum, but I was able to join a few short group rides this weekend and last.

The conclusion of the Intown Touring architecture ride, cut short by rain last month, was earlier today. Although coolish when we started at 9am, the sun broke through again and was mid 90's by the time I got back to my car. (yes - I drove to the start.)

No pics this time, but I did have two (!) flats.

Last week, a few friends and I had our occasional "vintage" ride - this time to Stone Mountain. I put vintage in quotes because the average age of the bikes on the outing was probably 30 years old. And that's only because of the 1940's Bianchi in attendance. Although not as vintage as some Cinelli/Masi-philes would like, this ride had some pretty choice iron.

Nick Z's new Peg - very sweet bike.

Roman's purple Richard Sachs

my yellow '87 Richard Sachs

1940's Bianchi

a closer look at that drivetrain

On the ride but no pictures: a pretty lugged Bianchi in the traditional celeste and Phil's (?) red DeRosa

- taz

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bike parts for sale - the prologue

Update 8/24/07 - Some pictures added, some descriptions changed.

I've decided that the minimum I can sell for is $20.00 plus shipping (probably $5.00 if it fits in a priority mail box). Not saying that everything (anything) listed is worth $20, just that I'm not going to ship a package for less than $20. If you've already sent me an email and I haven't replied back yet, I will soon. And as always, first come/first serve, no shoes, no shirt, no service. I'll work on prices and more items/pics next.

Various and miscellaneous bike parts for sale or trade:

As you can see, I haven't posted any prices yet. Haven't had time to sort it out. If you see something you want, give me a shout. I'm pretty busy right now, but I'll try to get back to you fairly quickly. I have some other parts I want to list and maybe take some photos but can't say when that'll be.

Trades? Don't know what I want/need yet except for a Campy 27.2 seatpost (recent) and Campy record/chorus derailleurs. Non-bike stuff too I guess. (?)

Syncros seatpost - 26.8 - New (or NOS), black

XTR seatpost - 27.2 - black anodized finish faded or worn in spots but functionally perfect

SOLD   1 new/unused Dura Ace 9spd STI shifter, right/rear.

SOLD   Shimano 600 rear der, short cage (6400) - VGC

Shimano 600 front derailleur (6401) 28.6 - VGC

Ultegra 9sp front derailleur, 28.6 - EXC

SOLD   Shimano 105 triple front der. (5500) - VGC (sold)

SOLD   Shimano 600 (6200)front and rear derailleurs (28.6 clamp, short cage rear) - GC

Campy ergo shifters, 9spd. Mirage, Very Good appearance, rear shifter internals damaged, needs rebuild. (i will examine these closer before selling)

SOLD   Shimano Dura Ace - 7400 crank (170) - SOLD

SOLD   Shimano 600 (6400) cranks, fair or less, polished but lots of scratches - good for commuter/beater, with Suntour chainrings (non-ramped/pinned). Cranks are not too pretty but tapers are fine. 172.5

SOLD   Dura Ace cartridge bottom bracket, Italian, 103mm for use with 7410 cranks (not the crank above which uses 113)

Shimano cartridge BB - UN71, English 113mm - VGC, low miles

Shimano cartridge BB - UN52, English 113 - VGC

SOLD   3TTT Mutant stem, 90mm, 1in quill, removable face plate. ExC - bought new, had on my Sachs for a few hundred miles before going to longer stem.

Salsa quill stem, 1inch, about 120 with a +10 rise, Stiff upper lip removable front. Excellent condition, will get more accurate specs before selling

Salsa MotoAce 1inch threadless stem, 120. VGC, decal on 1 side only, polished aluminum.

SOLD   Specialized 'Dirt Drop' stem, about 130 and + 20 rise, I think. Made by Nitto, anodized black but has faded to a pewter color. Has a slot for brake cable. Circa late 80's.

Cane Creek Ergo Stoker 'Dummy' Levers - NEW - these are dummy brake lever hoods typically used on a tandem's stoker bar. Also useful (one) if you use a single brake on a fixed gear but like to ride on the hoods.

SOLD   Shimano SPD 737 mtb pedals, XT level with large platform. Used on a road bike, VGC.

Have other parts as well - Ritchey quill stems, Control Tech and Bontrager seatposts, couple of handlebars, wheels in mostly used/good condition.

Also still have Ritchey Road Logic frame/fork and Fuso frame/fork. FUSO AND RITCHEY SOLD. See entry from June.

And considering selling one of my Bontrager CXs cyclocross bikes (medium).
$750 for the black, $500 for the silver - but only selling one. (price is frame/fork/headset on each)

***This is going to sound harsh -and I don't mean it to be- but if you're looking for bargain/free stuff, use eBay or find a garage sale. It's just not worth the time or frustration to haggle over $5.00 or make multiple trips to the post office to ship $10 worth of anything. That said, feel free to make an offer - I'm reasonable - but don't be insulted if I say no and be sure to consider shipping.


August Cameron Painter, b - 8/19/2007

update 8/25

In other news - I'm an uncle! Woohoo!!! My brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby today. No name yet, 5lbs 13oz baby boy with a full head of hair. A few weeks earlier than planned but a sweet and charming coincidence since this was our grandmother's birthday.

Congrats Donald and Colleen!

- taz

cool song: September Gurls - Big Star (playing softly in Colleen's room when I visited)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Intown Touring architecture ride

The Intown Touring Club held another interesting ride in July. The focus of this ride was contemporary architecture, specifically local modern housing. Sheri, this month's ride leader, and several other architects provided commentary and information.

An unusual (for Atlanta) mist kept temperatures comfortable for the first part of the ride. However, the precip eventually turned into a strong downpour about half way through the tour. With most of the group deciding that shelter was preferable to continuing, the decision was made to cancel the rest of the route and look for food.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera this trip but Chris H. sent these to touring list

Byron just put out a notice that we'll finish the ride next Saturday, Aug 11 - meet at 9am at San Francisco Coffee on North Highland, a block south of Ponce. This social ride goes at a very easy pace, with frequent stops so definitely come on out, even if you're not an avid or fit cyclist.

see ya there
- taz


Most of you who have visited this page more than once, probably know (or know of) Alex Wetmore. For those that don't, Alex is the generous host and wizard behind the curtain for the iBob, Classic Rendezvous, Framebuilders, and Rivendell listservs, among many others. I can't give him big enough props and thanks for this.

Alex doesn't just do computer stuff for bikie people, he actually rides his bike (more than I can say for myself lately).

On his blog, the latest entry is about a recent bike camping tour to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This trip looks incredible. I'm ready to get on a plane and head to Washington today. The picture of Mt. Adams reflecting off Lake Takhlakh alone would make the trip for me. Well, if you can't do it its nice to read about it.

Go here to read about his trip and other cool stuff.

and hey! - if you've been subscribed to any of the listservs for more than a few months, why don't you Paypal Alex $5 or $10 bucks. Computers and ISP service (not to mention programming time) aren't cheap and you know it's worth it. For the record, he doesn't ask for $ and he'd probably be pissed off or embarrassed that I wrote this. Do it anyway.

- taz

cool song: That's the Way - Led Zeppelin