Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not dead yet...

.. but almost.  Guess you could say this blog is on life support.

I haven't posted anything for 10 months, but I get an occasional email from here so somebody out there is still reading or Googling for miscellaneous bike stuff.

To sum up - the previous bike frames (Kvale, Holland, yellow Richard Sachs, 77 Richard Sachs, Bruce Gordons one and two, Bontrager CXs one and two, Chris Chance, Fusos, Ritcheys, and Dave Tesch) have been sold.

I didn't intend to have a 'collection' so this isn't a change in heart/interest/whatever.  Just moving along the bikes that are or were not getting much attention for whatever reason.  Narrowing my focus to riding more and acquiring less.  I'm actually riding more than I have in awhile.  Some other changes (going back to school, etc.) that are less interesting to anyone else but me mean no blog updates.

Reading that list - that's a pretty ridiculous number.  Probably left out some too.

Anyway... that's kind of what's been going on.  I haven't completely cleared out my bike inventory.  I still have several bikes that I'd like to sell at some point so if you're interested, drop me a reply.

Right now (10/7/2010) these are:
15" Ibis Mojo,  built but never ridden (!)  Literally as new.
15" Bontrager Race Lite with original Bontrager fork crown on Judy fork.
56cm Dave Moulton Recherche  (like Fuso but with different seat stay caps and fork crown).

and either a 55cm Richard Sachs (white) or a newly refinished and S&S coupled 54cm Richard Sachs in red.

I can post or send a picture at some point and if anyone's seriously interested, we can discuss price.

So, if I'm selling/sold all of these, what am I keeping?  Glad you asked!   *snicker*

The bike(s) that I ride these days are:  Pegoretti 8:30AM,  Colnago C-50, world's ugliest Pegoretti Custom Team - my winter bike and not quite as ugly as it was once with yellow rims, tires, saddle and bar tape (ouch!).  And I'm holding on to my Bontrager Road Lite, even though it doesn't see much road time anymore.

At some point, I'll pop up to the top of e-Richie's queue as well.  Maybe I'll move something else out to make room at that point.  Three bikes seems to be the magic number for me, but getting down to that point is difficult.

That's it for now... take care y'all and maybe i'll be back sooner than next August.

- taz