Friday, December 5, 2008

Remember this?

Look who's in the shop for a make-over...

Shop pic and melting Sachs shamelessly pilfered from Keith Anderson's Flickr photostream.
Go visit Keith's website at

- taz

Saturday, November 29, 2008

bikes for sale - update 11/29

Dave Tesch - Hwy 101 is sold.

Others still available currently.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

three bikes for sale

yet another fs post (sorry)

I'm trying to fund a pretty cool bike purchase so I'm offering three bikes or frames for sale. Prices are firm and do not include shipping. This is probably just for a limited time, especially the 54 Sachs, since the bike I'm considering won't be around for long.

so it goes...

Bike one: 54 cm Dave Tesch 101. Frame/fork $550 or complete bike Campy 8sp Chorus/Record mix for $1200

Bike two: Richard Sachs frame/fork/headset 54cm. Not pristeen but nice - does have small dent in down tube. $1225

Bike three: Richard Sachs -1977. 56cm Not original paint, no decals, but nice condition. Spaced to 130 so will take current wheels. Frame/fork. $1000 Perfect to ride now but would make a great resto.

Also, the Silver bontrager CX frame/fork/some parts definitely available now for $350.

EDIT: I also have a 56 Bruce Gordon Chinook - frame w/Look Carbon fork or Curt Goodrich fork. No pictures currently - email to for details.

- taz

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bontrager CX update

The black Bontrager CX is sold. Big thanks to Jay - let's hear about some podium finishes in the near future.
Also big thanks to Kelly who is sending a small Bonty CX my way.

If the small Bonty works out like I hope, I'll probably be putting my silver medium Bontrager CX on the block. I haven't made a firm decision yet, but if you have any interest let me know.


- taz

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finger Lakes Ramble picture dump

Some photos from this past August at Dr B's ranch. PM me if you have captions or comments. I'll see if I have more and add later... click on the small pic to see a big one

- taz

Friday, October 31, 2008

Bontrager CX Cyclocross for sale

For sale: my black Bontrager CX Cyclocross frame and fork. This is a medium with the later Steelman straight blade fork. Very good condition.

Specs: MED

Stand over height 31.0"
Head tube angle 71.5
Seat tube angle 74
Top tube length 57.2
Seat tube length 49.5
Head tube length 107mm
Fork rake 32mm
Chainstay length 418mm
Bottom bracket height 11.2"
Wheelbase 40.3"

The rough looking area along the chain stay is actually a tube wrapped around the stay to protect against chain slap. Now for the (not so) hard sell... these are fairly uncommon and pretty well thought of (and thought out) cross frames. Top tube cable routing, single bottle braze ons, no extraneous fender or rack braze ons. Okay - maybe not as practical (or heavy) as a Surly but this is a race bike. They're not being made anymore so you probably wouldn't be lining up next to a clone at your next race, if that kind of thing matters to you. Very nice riding frame off road as you'd expect but surprisingly nimble on road as well. I would be reluctant to sell except 1) it's a little too big for me and 2) I have another one that's a little older that I'm keeping. You can find a picture of that one in an older post.

Link to Keith Bontrager interview on BKW. KB knows a thing or two about bikes and 'cross. Kirk Pacenti hangs at the Serotta forum occasionally and may have some thoughts if you ask.

I have other parts available (Salsa stem, seatpost, brakes, tires, etc). Will consider trade for a similar quality frame in a 54cm such as Ibis, IndyFab, or other small builder.

If interested, email me at: If you reply to the gmail account, I might not see it for 4 or 5 months.

Here's another pic - mid stem and shifter change and without the ugly splash bar tape:

Friday, October 17, 2008


The red/yellow Fuso is sold... Thanks Jose and thanks to everyone else that inquired.

Vanilla cyclocross - I think this might be the one that Molly Cameron is selling (check his website or the Serotta forum for details.)

I took this pic while in Portland for NAHBS.

- taz

Friday, June 27, 2008

yellow richard sachs

yellow richard sachs - campy record/chorus 9 mix

My daily rider - not the best looking Sachs but nothing that a Campy ti seatpost, new saddle and white tape couldn't fix.

white richard sachs

White Sachs with Campagnolo Record/Chorus mix and Mavic Classic SSCs

chris kvale

Chris Kvale, Ultegra kit, Mavic Heliums

Saturday, June 14, 2008

cirque '08

Attended Cirque again last week. This year was the big move to Leesburg, VA. Flew in this year instead of driving so I didn't have a bike with me or parts for the swap (made packing a lot easier though). Took fewer pictures as well. Big thank you to J.Barry for letting me borrow a bike for the Saturday ride...

So here are the pics I managed to take...

Click on the little pic to get a BIG one

Pretty 80s'ish Richard Sachs. Don't understand the rack though. A rear rack on a Sachs is kind of like a roof rack on a Ferrari. Updated with new Campy go fast stuff too.(?) Put some black tires and white saddle/tape on this and it would be stunning. (Yeah, I know my yellow bike above could benefit from the same help)

Another amazing JP Weigle - similar but not the same as the NAHBS one

Modern interpretation of a Rene Herse racer. Nicely done and even better up close. Still rather see this with Mark Nobilette's name...

Another Weigle, with a few miles on it. I think this one is for sale (maybe?) check the CR list archive for details. Mariposa lurking in the background.

Dave Wages, formerly of Waterford Cycles, showed a couple of clean fixed gears. Behind it, a Sachs cross.

Yet another Weigle randonneur.

Johnny Coast (nice guy too!)

Peter Gilbert's Bruce Gordon. I want this bike.

Pre-"Fat City" Chris Chance. Don't see these too often. (Although if you would like to own one in a 55cm, drop me a line. I might be able to hook you up.)

'82 Sachs

Peter Gilbert's new acquisition. Photo blurred to protect the builder. Actually, another 80s Sachs with a questionable repaint. I think Peter's considering a second repaint in a white/red panel look. I concur.

Bilenky portuer - impressive but next year I wanna see some type of refrigeration.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Had to get rid of the shriners pic... just got too creepy to look at. Wasn't that on a Dead Kennedys' album cover?

Also - I'd like to point out that I name dropped Sufjan Stevens nine months before BikeSnob did today. Which, as a white guy, is very important.

cool song: Son Volt - Jet Pilot


Monday, March 3, 2008

little ponies and pink flamingos

*deleted photo of Shriners in little cars*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cool Song of the Month

Haven't listed any new songs in a while. Mostly just listening to Radiohead and Wilco 'cause I haven't changed the CD tray in the Passat for a couple of months.

Anyway - while listening to NPR earlier this week, I caught an interview with a band called 'Dengue Fever'. Cambodian Rock/Pop from the 60's played by a couple of 21st century California guys and a Cambodian chanteuse. Think the Surfari's crossed with Madame Butterfly, Gidget Goes to the Mekong Delta or something.

Tracked down a couple of MP3s and I'm hooked. Check out 'Shave Your Beard' and 'New Year's Eve'. Before you know it, you'll be dancing the Jerk and daydreaming about crawling through the jungle with an M16 on your back heading to a Vietnamese brothel.

whatever - just check it out.

Yo Tarik! I know you hip New Mexicalis have been all over this for years now, let me know whacha think...

- taz

Sunday, February 24, 2008

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