Friday, November 23, 2007

random pictures from Seattle

I took a few photos before my batteries died. No theme, just some random shots as I wandered around town after I finished work.

Some tough luck for one rider at the state CX championships.

- taz

For Lyen

Here's the 105 calipers... there's a picture of the 105 triple fr derailleur somewhere below

Picture of the Ritchey stems - click on image to get a bigger view.

The top one is newer 90*, painted silver. The bottom one is the Nitto Ritchey. It's chrome but has some wear, -17*. Has nicer welds and a touch of rust where the chrome has flaked.

- taz

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Just a couple of bike pics

Yeah - these are mine. All except number 4 which has moved on to the great northwest. Got a little crazy with the bike acquisition thing lately. Am I turning into one of those CR types that accumulates great (and not so great) bikes and then never rides them? I hope not. I seem to maintain some kind of inverse relationship with riding and buying bikes. When the saddle time goes down, the $ spent goes up. Not a healthy proposition - for my waistline or my bank account.

Can't explain the RS fixation. Guess they just click with me, aesthetically and philosophically. Of course the ride is there, but there's something else. Kinda feel the same way about Bontragers. Maybe I'll post some more photos after these are built (2&3).

- taz