Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sooo...  Sept 2013?  Time flies, huh?

Let's see:  since last post - new job, new car, new motorcycle, six semesters of law school down (four to go), one 'ex' and about 40 lbs added.   And rode my bicycle(s) exactly twice.  Pretty easy to see where the 40 lbs came from.  Oh yeah, one surgery and two small 'procedures'.  I think small only means less anesthetic.

I think most people that have arrived here purposefully have done so based on a search for 'Bontrager'.
To that end, let me say that all of my Bontrager cyclocross bikes have been sold.

I still do have a medium Bontrager RaceLite mtb and a fairly rare medium Bontrager Road Lite that I would sell for the right offer.  Also a medium Ibis Mojo mountain bike - steel from the good old days.   And finally, a Dave Moulton built Recherche road bike, 56cm.

If you're more into trades or barter than cash, I wouldn't mind a Stickley Morris chair or an automatic Omega Speedmaster.

Take care - new blog update in ...  hmm ...  2015?

- taz

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