Sunday, December 23, 2007

More jerseys and shirts for sale

Zoic, Canari and Craft jerseys and cycling shirts.

Craft jersey - worn maybe twice. $35

Zoic long sleeve fleece jersey. This is a synthetic fleece jersey, not wool. Zippered back pocket, excellent condition. $35

Canari 'SportWool' Jersey. I think I wore this once or twice. Sportwool is the same fabric that Rapha uses in their winter jerseys. $40

Zoic casual cycling shirts. Fits similar to a polo shirt. Doesn't look like a cycling jersey but has an extended tail and pockets on the back ... as well as a small zippered pocket on the front where the Zoic label is sewn. Mostly cotton. I wore these with jeans to work and no one noticed they were bike shirts.
$20 for both.

All the jerseys are in excellent condition and have been worn very little - no stains, rips or other problems. The two shirts have been worn a good bit, mainly as casual wear instead of on bike. Probably not crisp enough for office wear now but more that good enough for on the bike.
All shirts/jerseys are size large. Shipping *is* included in price.

- taz

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Richard Sachs/Verge Vest and Tights

UPDATE: Both vest and tights are SOLD. Thanks!

Richard Sachs cycling vest and bib tights by Verge for sale.

Vest - $35 shipped, Tights $45 shipped

- taz

Bontrager jerseys for sale

UPDATE: the Green/Gold/Red jersey is SOLD

A couple of long sleeve Bontrager jerseys and one short sleeve. Blue long sleeve and green/white short sleeve are XL, the green/gold/red is large. $40 shipped for long sleeve, $30 shipped for short sleeve.

- taz

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Recent find on eBay.

I was reading a recent thread on the Serotta forum about the perils of eBay. The general sentiment seemed to be the various scams, shills and hassles make buying there not worth the trouble. I think it depends on what you're looking for and maybe a little luck - and using some common sense.

Sorry - but you won't find this one any longer. It's at my local bike shop getting a headset installed. (I've gotta get a headset press sometime.)

- taz